xucli is the command line interface that handles much of the basic interaction with a running xud instance. If xud is installed globally, it can be launched from any directory. In the recommended xud-docker setup, it can be used from within the xud ctl shell.

To get a list of up-to-date commands, run:

xucli --help

Calling any one of the listed commands with the --help flag will output additional instructions for that particular command.

Examples for commands:

# Manually connect to another xud instance (has to be running the same network: simnet/testnet/mainnet)
$ xucli connect
# Places a new limit order BUYING 10 LTC for a price of 0.0079 BTC per LTC
$ xucli buy 10 LTC/BTC 0.0079
# Places a new limit order SELLING 5 LTC for the best market price
$ xucli sell 5 LTC/BTC market

By default, the CLI output is formatted and abbreviated. Append -j to any of the CLI calls to receive the full output in JSON format.